Murfreesboro Little Theatre
Since 1962
56 years of continuous community theater....and counting!

"No One Needs to Suffer Alone. 
No Living Person is Beyond Help."

Jerome McDonough's "Addict" gives audiences a glimpse into the lives of teens suffering from drug addiction and puts a human face on what remains a nation-wide epidemic. As the young actors step forward from the crowd, they engage the audience in their highs, their lows and their absolute rock bottoms. "Addict" takes you on a walk through high school hallways, VIP access at a rock concert, the chemical abuse wing of a children's hospital and the sidestreets of your own hometown. The show espouses a compassionate call to action advocating that help is available and it's never too late to reach out to someone in need. "No one needs to suffer alone. No living person is beyond help." Entertaining, educational, and every bit as relevant as when it was written.

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The AcTEENg Theatre Group was created to offer young performers and technicians, ages 13 to 19, the opportunity to take part in productions that are age- relevant.  For more information, follow this link or email ACTEENG@GMAIL.COM 

The Cast and Crew of Addict
Hattie Fann
Abby Jackson
Paige Smith
Rebecca Hawkins
Madison Titshaw
Alex Trussler
Ella Vaughan
Alex Wicken
Sandra Mansour
Rachel Hortert
Raely Underwood
Corinna Lingle
Ryen Lawing
Emma Hawkins
Olivia Hollandsworth
Erica Kelly
James Donaldson
Daevelynne Lambert
Janie Thornton
Devin Hawkins
Ken Lambert
Ryn Bunn

Directed by Jamie Leigh Stevens 
Stage Manager, John Gassler
Assistant Stage Manager, Karma Wicken   Costumes, Jose Maldonado   Poster Design, Ciara Richards