Murfreesboro Little Theatre
Since 1962
56 years of continuous community theater....and counting!

The Cast

Alice -Sandra Mansour
Cheshire Cat- Emily Lanter
White Rabbit- Hattie Fann
Mad Hatter- Jose Maldonado
March Hare- Corinna Lingle
Dormouse- Rachel Hortert
Queen of Hearts- Lee Allen
King of Hearts- Malcolm Bryant
Knave of Hearts- Abby Jackson
Caterpillar- Ciara Richards
Duchess- Charlie Parker
Cook- Emily Tsoumbos
Frog Footman- Cam Curtis 
Tweedledee- Jenny Grissom-Reeves
Tweedledum- Phil Mote
Humpty Dumpty- Shane Lowery
Executioner- Molly Womack
Courtier- Aylee Gardner

Olivia Hollandsworth, Penelope Convertino, Rebecca Hawkins, Daevlynne Lambert
Eleanor Vaughan, Andrew Neal, Devin Hawkins
Ladies of the Court
Kaitlin Horton, Alex Warren DeHoff, Heather Gardner, Linda Laughlin, Lisa Harper
Ashleigh Chambers, Ashlyn Townsend, Moira Onstead, Anna Gunnells, Gabrielle Bloomfield, Evalyn Bennett, Zelda Lee, Evelyn Lanter, Talia Lowery
Heart Children
Evelyn Lanter, Jonathan Ebid, Talia Lowery, Persephone DeHoff, Eleanor Lee

Things just get Curiouser and curiouser!

Join Alice and the rest of the gang as we take a trip down the rabbit hole and into the land of imagination!  

With a cast that runs the age gamut from THREE to SEVENTY-THREE , this family production is a special treat for all ages!

Directed by Jessica Theiss, this production runs for Six Performances Only.  While you are there, be sure to bring enough coins and dollars to make a vote for King and Queen, Prince and Princess for MLT's 56th season!  


Sold Out!