Murfreesboro Little Theatre
Since 1962
57 years of continuous community theater....and counting!

About the Show

Set during the late 1890's, the play concerns the sexual relations of Sabrina Daldry and Catherine Givings.  Both are loving yet sexually frustrated, lacking the understanding and knowledge of where their frustration actually originates, and the language to put their needs into words.  Their frustration takes the form of "hysteria".  Doctor Givings treats this "hysteria" with a device known as the machine.  The machine is a vibrator which generates the first orgasm in each lady.  But achieving the orgasm is only clinical as the real issues -  sexual desire, ignorance, communication, passion and jealousy - bring the story to its true climax.
Starring: Jamie Leigh Stevens, Joseph Stanley, Ciara Richards, Shawna Rayford, Alex Varboncoeur, Lee Allen, and Tyler Tsoumbos.

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