Murfreesboro Little Theatre
Since 1962
55 years of continuous community theater....and counting!

Pocatello, by Samuel D. Hunter opens at Murfreesboro Little Theatre April 21, 2017, and runs for two weekends. Eddie, played by Tony Laughlin, is the manager of an Italian chain restaurant in Pocatello, Idaho, a small town being overrun by franchises and strip malls. While desperately trying to save his restaurant, Eddie manages his waitstaff, Max (Alex Trussler), a recovering drug addict, the beleaguered Troy (Shannon Wheeler), and unabashed Isabelle (Elizabeth Gass). Troy is married to Tammy (Alex Dehoff), a recovering alcoholic, and they are raising rebellious Becky (Emma Hawkins), all while caring for Troy's father Cole (Pete Hiett), who is stricken with Alzheimer's. Eddie's family includes his mother, the matter of fact Doris (Linda Laughlin), his brother Nick (Rob Dehoff), returning reluctantly to visit, and Nick's wife Kelly (Emily Wright). Pocatello leads you on a journey that you might recognize, one of fading hope, contentious family relationships, and the realization that the place you call home is slowly slipping away. 

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Alex Trussler as Max
Elizabeth Gass as Isabelle
Alex Warren DeHoff as Tammy
Linda Laughlin as Doris
Shannon Wheeler as Troy
Emma Hawkins as Becky
Pete Hiett as Cole
Rob DeHoff as Nick
Emily Wright as Kelly
Tony Laughlin as Eddie