Murfreesboro Little Theatre
Since 1962
56 years of continuous community theater....and counting!

"Do you know what you can say?  To a black man?  On the subject of race?"


"That is correct."

Having worked side by side for 20 years at a flourishing law office, criminal attorneys Henry Brown and Jack Lawson have developed a solid professional relationship.

But when Charles Strickland, a wealthy businessman, approaches Lawson and Brown to defend him against charges of raping a black woman, tensions begin to develop as the case unfolds. New to the firm, Susan, a young black attorney, is brought in to assist. As the three begin to study the evidence, they realize that nothing is as simple as it originally appeared. Despite the strength of their relationship, it soon becomes clear that Lawson and Brown cannot escape their own innate prejudices.

Directed by Dalton Reeves, ‘Race’ stars Shane Lowery, Shawna Rayford, Ethan H Jones, and Wayman Price. 

This production contains mature language and adult themes.

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Ethan H. Jones
as: Henry Brown
Shane Lowery
as: Jack Lawson
Shawna Rayford
as: Susan
Wayman Price
as: Charles Strickland