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Since 1962
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Performance Dates
April 13-15, 19-22

The Jazz Age lives on in Sandy Wilson's The Boy Friend, a light romantic spoof of 1920s musical comedy. Written in the fifties as "a new musical of the twenties," this is still considered the most successful and witty of the send-up musicals.

Set against the backdrop of the French Riviera, this romantic spoof of 1920s musical comedies tells the story of English heiress, Polly, who is learning to be a Perfect in every way at Madame Dubonett's School for Young Ladies.  

 Polly's father, convinced that any boy who isn't wealthy will court Polly strictly for her financial situation, forbids her to engage any potential suitors. Honoring his wishes, Polly explains to Tony, the messenger boy with whom she's fallen in love, that she is no rich girl. Mistaken identity is just the tip of this comedic iceberg, as all the "girls" have only one thing on their mind:  The Boy Friend!

This production is totally family friendly and just the cotton candy everyone craves (and needs) at least 
once a season!
The Boy Friend features Rachel Hortert and Topher Potts as Polly and Tony, with Kathy Quarto as Madame DuBonnet and Neil Bergman as Polly's father (who have a secret past of their own!).  The cast also includes RJ Palhegyi and Janice Denson as Tony's parents, Lord and Lady Brockhurst.  Rounding out the cast are Savannah Gannon as "Madcap" Maisie and Sam Downer as Bobby, Zoe Naylor,  Gabby Reeves. Kaylee Abshire, Jose Maldonado, Jaiden McAdoo, and Lee Allen, with Ryn Bunn as the french maid Hortense, and Kathy Reeves as her secret admirer.  To make reservations, follow this link: Ticket Reservations