Directed by Zoë Zent


January 9-12
Thurs - Sat 7:00 pm & Sun 2:00 pm


Melinda Barnes, referred to as The Volunteer, is a psychology grad student on her first assigned visit in a women’s prison. Her objective is to evaluate and conduct a course with an Inmate, Deeter Jones, so she can obtain both a Master’s degree and satisfaction that she has helped someone failed by society.

Jones, only a few years older, is a high school dropout with two children on the outside in the care of her mother. And completing this course, the Volunteer stresses, could help the Inmate grapple with her cognitive dissonance and change her life behavior and trajectory. Moreover, this evaluation could curry favor with the parole board and earn an early release on her 17-year sentence.

But the meeting does not go as planned and when the facility is put on lock-down, the women are trapped together in a cold drab “interrogation” room without access to innocuous privileges such as drinking water or a restroom facility.

The play addresses penal social inequity, sexual hierarchy, lack of privacy, alienation from loved ones and friends, atonement and, on another level, the role of the mother in one’s development, mental faculties and ability to thrive.


Jamie Leigh Stevens as VOLUNTEER

Patti Long Lee as INMATE

Laura Sanchez as GUARD

Alex Varboncoeur Young as SHAWNA REESE

Performances will be at the beautiful
Walnut House at 116 N. Walnut Street.

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