Murfreesboro Little Theatre
Murfreesboro Little Theatre is the oldest continuing community theatre in the area, starting in 1962! As a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, we operate on ticket sales and memberships. We strive to provide an eclectic aray of shows to entice and entertain everyone!

Est. 1962
Founding Members

Board of Directors

Jim & Polly Ridley
Nan & Hal Christiansen
Bren & BJ Huggins
Margaret "Dumpy" Waller

Charlie Parker, President
Jess Townsend, Secretary
John Gassler, Treasurer
Tyler Tsoumbos, Publicity Director
Lourdes Luster, House & Box Office Director
Stephen Burnette, Technical Director
Alex DeHoff, Youth Director
Cheryl Womack, Facilities Direcot

Production Board

House & Box Office:
Emily Tsoumbos, Linda Laughlin

Ciara Richards, Alec Lanter

David Womack, Steven Luster

Shane Lowery, Jennifer Grissom-Reeves

MLT is a non-profit organization. Our existance relies on ticket sales, membership, and donations.

Thank you!