Directed by Stephen Burnette

Fun Home

For Auditions:

  • Prepare one minute of a song in the style of the show.
  • Cold readings from the script.
  • We ask that parents of children who are auditioning remain at MLT during auditions!

MARCH 11 & 12, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

The Tony Award-winning musical Fun Home traces the coming-of-age of lesbian author Alison Bechdel, from her youth, to her years at Oberlin College, and finally to the present, where Alison, now grown, is struggling to write her own graphic autobiography. As Alison reflects on her past, she struggles to make sense of it, particularly her relationship with her father, Bruce, a closeted gay man and the owner of the family business -- the Bechdel Funeral Home (“fun” home, as it’s known to young Alison and her brothers, John and Christian). As she watches her father’s self-loathing consume him, Alison recognizes her own experience of discovering, and ultimately embracing, her identity. As Fun Home progresses, Alison is drawn deeper and deeper into her memories, finally entering into them, desperate (but unable) to reverse her father’s self-destruction. An unforgettable and groundbreaking musical, Fun Home explores the haunting pull of memory and the power it has to alternately destroy or shape, our identity.

  • Bruce: (Baritone), 40's, high-school English teacher,                                                                                          funeral home director, spends his spare time on the                                                                                         historic restoration of his home; complex man with a hot temper as a result of years of repression; can be caring and attentive to his children but is also quick to anger.

  • Alison: (Mezzo-Soprano), 30-49, narrator; now a self-aware adult, she is able to reflect insightfully on her own life and her relationship with her father before his tragic death.

  • Small Alison: (Alto), 8-10, Alison Bechdel as a child; precocious and opinionated; on the cusp of finding herself and forming her own views on how a girl her age should behave and dress; confident and intelligent

  • Helen: (Mezzo-Soprano), 30's, Alison’s mother; frustrated, exhausted by her tumultuous marriage; has spent her life trying to be a good mother and wife while turning a blind eye to the irreverent activities of her husband.

  • Medium Alison: (Mezzo-Soprano), 16-20, a freshman at Oberlin College, discovering her sexuality; an incredibly well-read, hyper-intelligent teenager; her uncertainty about who she is makes her socially awkward at times

  • Joan: (Alto), 18-20, student at Oberlin; exudes a confident, sexual energy, with a dry sense of humor; unlike Alison, Joan is very comfortable in her skin and openly identifies as a lesbian.

  • John: (Treble/Boy Soprano), Alison’s younger brother; like most boys his age, he is full of energy with a quirky imagination; looks up to his siblings.

  • Christian: 10-15, Alison’s older brother; oldest of the three children; strives to be the leader, but is sometimes overshadowed by Alison’s strong personality.

  • Roy/Pete/Mark/Bobby/Jeremy: (Tenor), 20-30, Roy, a young man Bruce hires to do yard work; Pete, a mourner who visits the funeral home; Mark, a high school junior; Bobby Jeremy, the lead singer of a band in Alison’s imagination