Performance dates will be March 7, 8, 10-13, 2020

Directed by Shane Lowery

In Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the dysfunctional but wealthy Pollitt family gathers to celebrate aging patriarch Big Daddy’s birthday. But there is more to this gathering than a family reunion-- Big Daddy is dying of cancer, and he hasn’t decided which of his sons will inherit the estate. His options include Brick and his wife, Maggie, or his less-favored son Gooper, and his wife Mae, and their five children. While Maggie “the cat” tries to work her wiles to secure a future for them, Brick spirals deeper into despair, crippled by both physical pain and emotional loss. Lurking under every practiced interaction between the Pollitts is an ulterior motive. The truth is as hazy as the late summer sun.


MARGARET (MAGGIE) - Brick's wife, edgy, tense and suspicious of Brick's friendship with his friend Skipper

BRICK - Former athelet, favorite son of the family, has become a difficult alcoholic after the suicide of his best friend Skipper.

BIG DADDY - The family patriarch, known to be brash and vulgar.

BIG MAMA - Sincere, embarrassingly dedicated to a man who seems to despise her, considers Bricke her "only son".

MAE - mean, agitated, scheme with her husband Gooper to inherit Big Daddy's estate.

GOOPER - The eldest, yet least favored sibling, a successful corporate lawyer who resents his parents' love for Brick, scheme to take over the family estate.

REVEREND TOOKER - Tactless, opportunistic, hypocritical guest at the birthday party.

DOCTOR BAUGH - Big Daddy's physician.