Directed by Pete Hiett

A Piece Of
My Heart

For Auditions:

  • There will be cold readings from the script.
  • Come with any scheduling conflicts ready.

JUNE 17 & 18, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Performances: September 13-15, & 19-22

‘A Piece of my Heart’, by Shirley Lauro, is a play that recounts the stories of the women who served in Vietnam during the conflict as soldiers, Nurses, Red Cross volunteers and USO entertainers. It follows the arc of this time in their lives from the decision each made regarding service, through induction, dealing with the realities and horrors of war to their return home and the continuing failures of adjusting to post-war life.
Some audition notes:
The play contains adult subject matter including strong language and implied drug use and all actors will be expected to perform the play as written.

The script specifically requires:
- an Asian-American female actor
- an African-American female actor
- a female who can play the guitar and sing (will be asked to play guitar and sing basic 60’s tune and a hymn)
- a male actor who will play all the ‘American Male’ roles (needs agility and some basic strength)


  • Martha - Army brat, Navy Nurse (20’s, 30’s)
    Mary Jo - USO singer and guitar player from Texas (20’s, 40’s)
    Sissy - Nurse, from Erie, Pennsylvania, strong faith (20’s, 30’s)
    Whitney - Red Cross, Vassar Grad, reserved (20’s, 30’s)
    Leeann - New York, Army Nurse, Asian American, strong. (20’s, 30’s)
    Steele - African-American, Army lifer, intelligent, very military (20’s, 40’s)
    The American Men - soldiers, doctors, veterans, sleazy barfly, etc. (20’s, 40’s)