Murfreesboro Little Theatre
Since 1962
56 years of continuous community theater....and counting!


Monday February 12th
Tuesday February 13th

6 pm to 8 pm

Wayman Price, Director
Charlie Parker, Musical Director

Performance Dates
April 13-15, 19-22
About the Show
The Jazz Age lives on in Sandy Wilson's The Boy Friend, a light romantic spoof of 1920s musical comedy. Written in the fifties as "a new musical of the twenties," this is still considered the most successful and witty of the send-up musicals. Here for more info.

Set against the backdrop of the French Riviera, this romantic spoof of 1920s musical comedies tells the story of English heiress, Polly, who is longing for only one thing: a boy friend. Polly's father, convinced that any boy who isn't wealthy will court Polly strictly for her financial situation, forbids her to engage any potential suitors. Honoring his wishes, Polly explains to Tony, the messenger boy with whom she's fallen in love, that she is no rich girl. This is just the tip of the mistaken identity iceberg!  

Cast Needs
(8 lead/supporting females, 8 lead/supporting males, Ensemble)
Character ages are ideal, but not set in stone.  Heavy Singing and Dancing and Comedic Flair

​Maisie - 18-25
Young Lady at Mme. Dubonnet's school. A madcap finishing school student who has all the boy's attention.

Dulcie- 18-25
A young and lovely Lady at Mme. Dubonnet's school who is sincere and gentle.

Fay - 18-25
Young Lady at Mme. Dubonnet's school and a bit of a rebel.

Nancy - 18-25
Young Lady at Mme. Dubonnet's school, polite.

Polly Browne -18-25
A young, sweet, soon-to-be-wealthy lady at Mme. Dubonnet's school and a clear-voiced romantic.

Madame Dubonnet - 40-50
The stuffy, stern, scrupulous, head-mistress of the school with a caring soft side.

Hortense - 40-60
A chic French maid at the school who likes to enforce good moral standards in the girls.

Bobby Van Husen - 18-25
A rich, good-looking student and young hopeful romantic.

Percival Browne - 40-60
A pompous elderly English gentleman and Polly's wealthy father.

Tony - 25-35
An attractive, secretly wealthy English messenger and romantic, breathtaking suitor.

Lord Brockhurst - 40-60
A jolly, yet frisky old aristocrat and wealthy English blueblood.
Age: 40 to 60

Lady Brockhurst - 40-60
Lord Brockhurst's stuffy wife who is equally rich and British. She is gaunt and severe.

Ensemble - Waiters, Students, Suitors

For singers, please bring prepared sheet music - to sing one verse/one chorus of a ballad or uptempo from 1920's styled musical.  Cold reading from the script; also, there will be a dance audition!  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing!

Please note:  Some Roles have been cast, depending on the actors' acceptance, from the auditions last year.  However, that should not discourage anyone from auditioning.