Murfreesboro Little Theatre
Since 1962
56 years of continuous community theater....and counting!

“If music be the food of love, play on.”   Or in this case, sail on..... as MLT takes to the high seas for Twelfth Night, a hilarious tale of Poseidon proportions.  

Separated by shipwreck, identical twins fend for themselves in the strange land of Illyria.  Viola disguises herself as a young man and quickly becomes confidante and messenger of Duke Orsino, who pines for the beautiful Olivia.  Olivia, on the other hand, quickly falls in love with Cesario (who just happens to be Viola in disguise).  In the meantime, Viola quickly falls in love with Duke Orsino.  And that's just HALF the story, as our other twin, Sebastian, joins forces with Antonio, Orsino's nemesis, and heads to Illyria.  And whom should he encounter?  Well, of course, the Lady Olivia who mistakes him for Viola....I mean, Cesario.... and asks for his/her hand in marriage.   

Meanwhile, Malvolio - Olivia's pompous servant - believes that his mistress is madly in love....with HIM - thanks to the underhanded efforts of Sir Toby Belch, Maria, Sir Andrew and Olivia's "fool".  

And just when it seems that insanity is just a yo-ho-ho away, well....come see for yourself.  

Free to the public, the annual Backyard Back's production is a big event!  For three weekends (weather permitting) actors strut their hour on the grass for your pleasure and tips.  Bring some cash, a blanket, a picnic basket or feast at the outdoor grill.  All performances are at 7 pm!
The Cast
Viola    Jessica Theiss
Olivia    Ciara Richards
Orsino    Christopher Wagner
Malvolio    Phil Mote
Sir Toby Belch    Kevin Compton
Maria     Jamie Leigh Stevens
Sir Andrew Aguecheek    Jacob Truax
Feste    Ryan Leyhue
Fabian    Jeremiah Sanchez
Sebastian    Joseph Stanley
Antonio    Jennifer Grissom-Reeves
Sea Captain    Dalton Reeves
Valentine    Lee Allen
Priest    Ben Hornsby
First Officer    Alec Lanter
Second Officer    Selah Lowery
Olivia's Servant    Emma Hawkins
Pirate #1     Alyssa Brangenberg
Pirate #2    Emily Lanter
Pirate #3   Stephen Burnette
Pirate #4    Patti Long-Lee