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Virtual Program

Much Ado About Nothing

Our  12th Annual Backyard Bard takes us back to the fun times with Frankie and Annette on the beach! Welcome to Surfin' USA at Oaklands Mansion!

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The Cast

Benedick- Dillon Davis

Beatrice- Jamie Leigh Stevens

Hero- Lizzie Nelson

Claudio- Tobi Yandle (Emma Hawkins on 5/4)

Don Pedro- Jacob Truax

Don John- Lydia Klaus

Leonata- Donna Seage

Borachio- Derek Faulkner

Conrade- Alec Lanter

Ursula- Zoë Zent

Margaret- Asa Davis

Dogberry- Jack Seage

Verges- Amy Holt-Aviles

Friar- Britt Penevolpe

Messengers- Derek Faulkner, Ian Witherspoon

Watch- Skeeter Dyvig, Maddie Racho, Ian Witherspoon, Cat Burford

Band- Samantha Rothschell, Erin Davidson, Cat Burford

The Crew

Directors- Emma Hawkins and Shane Lowery

Producers- Shane Lowery and Stephen Burnette

Set Design- Shane Lowery

Costume Design- Emma Hawkins

Music- Samantha Rothschell

Props- Donna Seage and Emma Hawkins

Photography- Jessica Theiss

Poster- Gregory Lannom

Special Thanks to Tennessee Arts Commission, Jamie Leigh Stevens, Grover, Deanna Racho, Spectrum Renovations, Oaklands Mansion, Davey Odineal

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Our Business Members

AcTEENg Theatre Group

Mary Kay, with Kathy Quarto

E. Roy Lee

Constructs Set Design

Lourdes Luster, Tupperware Diva

Southern Fried True Crime


WHAT. Creative Group

Christopher J. Quarto, Licensed Psychologist


A Membership in Proud Support of Murfreesboro Cold Patrol

Stevens Family Tae Kwon Do

Spectrum Renovations

Want More Information?

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